Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Madonna and Guy-The Material Girl Loses Her Boy Toy

The rumors have been swirling for months but I try not to listen to rumors (although it's not easy in the media-saturated world we live in). I like facts. And it's a fact: Madonna and her younger husband Guy Ritchie are divorcing after 8 years. This is not a big deal or a big surprise to me or anyone else. But I must admit I am always disheartened when couples--famous or not--breakup. After all, I am a hopeless romantic who believes that love should conquer all. But of course, as I have learned the hard way, it really, really doesn't.

In this case I really didn't believe they were gonna breakup. Not because their love was so strong or they were such a great couple or anything like that, just because Madonna seems like a chick that doesn't go down without a fight. And maybe she did fight for him, for her marriage, for her family, but evidently she lost.

Or did she?

I mean, I'm an 80's baby who spent her High School years grooving to Madonna hits and biting her style (did someone say leggings, fishnets, and torn t-shirts?) and it always seemed to me that she always got exactly what she wanted. So maybe, despite media speculation that he wanted out, she wanted it to end. Maybe she was sick of his whining (which, I know first hand, is a consequence of being with a younger man--they whine, because, duh, they're babies). But I can't front. I, like miss Madonna, prefer my men young and pretty. Which is why I have a good feeling she might just be setting the stage for her new boo, that fine ass Alex Rodriguez who, by the way, is divorcing his wife right about now. Coincidence? I don't know. But knowing what I know about Madonna, I don't think so.

All I can say is, can you blame her? She's the one with the money and power. If Mr. Ritchie wasn't cutting it, if he was unhappy, if he was complaining and whining--she should do what she is doing: Let it go. Trust me, when you are a woman in touch with your sexuality and living life on your own terms, there is always a younger, cuter, smarter boo just waiting for the old, stupid one to mess up a good thing. This I know from personal experience, and trust me, it is oh so true!

Mark my word. Madonna is going to be just fine. Yes. Once Guy is gone, Madonna will be back! Think about it--her notoriously hot and horny ass is back on the market! This is going so to be fun to watch. All I can say is: "Where's the Party!?"

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