Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barak and Michelle Obama: The Power and Importance of Beautiful Black Love

He did it! Barak  Hussein Obama became the First Black President of the U.S.  Yes.  Yes! He won the election last night but he really won a long time ago, when he married Michelle Robinson. Because with her by his side he benefits immensely from her brains, her support, her strength,her ideas, her energy, and, ultimately, her love. And the fact that he had the sense enough to recognize this,  to recognize her, is what makes him all the more impressive. 

Especially when so many of our brothers find loving one woman, being a father,  and keeping their families stable and strong to be such a challenge. This is unfortunate on so many levels because without the recognition and  the realization, that a woman that truly loves them is the ultimate source of strength and power, they will have no strength and power. Hopefully, though, Obama's new high profile status will be a continuous reminder of the importance of holding on to love, honoring love, and  living a life  filled with and fueled with love. Hopefully, he will inspire our brothers and sisters to really truly cherish their relationships. We all have hopes and dreams and shortcoming and weaknesses, but we all need one another. We all need that one person that has our back, no matter what. And even though Obama was first in his class at Harvard, one doesn't have to be a genius to figure out that finding, keeping, and loving  a good strong beautiful Black woman is the greatest victory of all.

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