Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Engagement News

Gotta take a sec to congratulate my girl D. on her engagement. I hadn't seen her in over a year--ever since she moved out of Brooklyn to bigger and better horizons. Still we spoke via phone occasionally and she told me about a guy she was seeing, someone she actually met online who happened to be from Brooklyn, too. At the time she didn't sound serious-- she was clearly feeling him and the whole situation out. But when she passed through NYC last weekend, she was sporting an engagement ring.
I guess she has felt him and the situation out after all.

She looked so happy . She was literally glowing!! I'm so excited for her, wishing her the best although I'm always wary -can't help it knowing all the things that she and I and so many others have been through in the past. The operative word, though, is PAST--which you clearly have to put behind you before you can move towards the future. I'm still working on that one but as for my girl D. I'm not worried because she has always had a good head on her shoulders. I'm also not worried because I know she is not marrying this guy coming from a place of need or desperation--she is indeed a whole person. She is indeed a self-sufficient woman. She is indeed in charge of her own happiness. She wanted to move out of NY--she did it. She needed to get rid of a stupid loser boyfriend--she did it. She wanted to get a second Master's degree--she did it. She wanted to become a school, principal--she's doing it. She's self-fulfilled and strong and smart and of course gorgeous (as all my girls are!) and I can't wait for the wedding.

But it seems that hers is not the only recent engagement. I hear Jill Scott is marrying her drummer. If so, I am so happy for her 'cause I know that divorce she went through had to be fierce. Still, Jill, another musician? I guess she likes--well,loves--those creative types. But she's so creative on her own I kinda pictured her with a lawyer or athlete this time around. But Lord knows she knows what's best for her so I'll wish her congratulations,too.

With all this news of love and finding life partners I'm so happy and optimistic (even though I haven't started seeing anybody seriously, yet) because I know if it's possible for them, it's possible for me, and it's possible for you, too. It makes me smile and gives me hope that I'll someday find my soul mate. In the meantime, I have some soul searching to do and self-fulfillment to realize. So I'm off to enjoy the process. Actually, I'm off to babysit for my sister in Connecticut but I'm taking my journal and my camera and I'm looking forward to being reflective and creative. I'm looking forward to enjoying some "me" time while I can because I know in my heart that the " we" is just around the corner. Until then, I'll be concentrating on getting my self-fulfillment on, big time.

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