Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Older, Better!!!

One of my very best friends, Lydia, turned mumble-mumble years old this week. (You know I'll never tell her age--she will surely kill me and there would be over 15 years of friendship right down the drain along with my blood from the stab wounds inflicted). I don't want to put all of her business in the street but you do need to know she is a creative, beautiful, talented woman. She's a singer and a great friend (she'd have to be to put up with me) and I'm so blessed to know her because she is many things but mostly she is funnnnyyyy!!! And anyone who knows her knows it's true. And thank God for her humor. She's kept me in stitches during family tragedies, job losses, and of course broken hearts. Many times I would not have made it without her. She has taught me the art of laughing at myself (and others) and I'm so better for it. I do think that is the secret to her youth and beauty---find the funny.
And boy do we find the funny.

And boy did we find the funny on Tuesday when we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Cancun on 8th Ave. and cut up. Margaritas were enjoyed, tequila shots were conquered, Mexican hats were sported and short but cute waiters were awed. Lydia is sooo silly. I so enjoyed watching her in her element and I'm sure her friends Monica and Celeste did, too. But since we're not getting older only better we headed over to the new Black "hotspot" Tillman's for night caps. Very funky DJ. Very bougie crowd. But we didn't care. We sat at the bar and enjoyed the soul music and laughed at our own jokes and scoped guys and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. All this to say--hope it was a good Birthday, Lydia! And I'm looking forward to celebrating many more.
I also just want to say:
Thank you for being a friend....Traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true. You're a pal and a confidant...Oh, shoot! I'm singing the theme song from The Golden Girls. I must be getting older. No! No! Not older, better!!!

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