Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Your Votes Are in!

Well, according to my survey question:

How long before a breakup should someone start dating again?

1/3 of you said Immediately and 2/3 of you said Three Months.

So three months seems to be the consensus which makes sense to me. Because honestly, I can't even see myself dating anyone right now. Maybe I'm a little too raw or just not interested. Or maybe both because I actually met a pretty handsome man a couple of days ago who was interesting and creative. But when he called me (yes, I did give him my number if that's all right with you. Shoot! I'm am single now, remember) and we spoke briefly, I immediately realized I don't have the energy or interest that it takes to talk and tell somebody about myself and my life and my likes and dislikes then try to figure out who they are and what they're all about and what they want and if they are saying what they really mean or...arggggh!!!

So no. I'm not ready.

But I will be, inevitably. It's not like I never want to date or even fall in love again. I mean I'm hurt, not dead. And I like men too much to swear them off forever. They really are fun and charming--until they break your heart, of course.

Soooo... I guess I'll take three months to wrap my head around the idea of dating, of getting to know someone new, of getting to know someone well enough to trust them, to be intimate with them, to open myself up to them, (because really. If you can't be vulnerable then what's the point?) to allow them to open themselves up to me...

Soooo... I guess this is going to be an interesting three months.

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