Monday, February 25, 2008

And the Winner Is...

The Oscars were last night and I must say last night's show was BOORING!!! I was disappointed in Jenifer Hudson's dress (google it, girls, you'll see what I mean) and mad that Ruby Dee lost. I mean, after 50 years in the industry they could have given it to her. Cmon! Oh, well. I'm sure she's fine--after all she had a prize that no one could ever take away from her: Ossie Davis. Before he passed away in his sleep a few years ago, they were together for real, on screen and off. He the actor, the writer,the genius, she the beauty, the actress, the thespian. What they had was so sweet and special. I guess deep down that's what we all want. You know what, I can't speak for you but for me, yes. I want my Ossie Davis! Someone who shares my interests, loves me, lets me love him, won't flake on me and won't allow me to flake on him!

Another actress who I was acutely interested in but who wasn't there (or at least I didn't see her) was Mary Lousie Parker. She's stars on the Showtime series "Weeds" and was in one of my favorite moves "Fried Green Tomatoes." But right now she's got my attention for being recently engaged to the cute guy who played Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, actor Jeffery Dean Morgan.

Under normal circumstances I really wouldn't give a damn about this woman's love life, but you don't understand.

In 2003 her boyfriend,actor Billy Crudup, walked out on her after they had been dating for seven years. Okay. Ouch. That had to hurt. But there's more. He left her for a younger woman, actress Clair Danes (they are no longer together, either). Hold on. That's not it. Mary Louse Parker was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT with His Child!!!!

I always felt so bad for her when I read about it (which had to make it worse for her, having her business all up in every newspaper).

Obviously she had her baby, a son, and went on with her life and career. (By the way what's up with Billy Crudup's career these days? Just wondering). But I know it could not have been easy for her. Which is why I was so happy when I heard about her new boo!! I mean, I'm so happy! Really! When is the wedding? I actually want to send the woman a wedding present because come on!! If anybody deserves it, it's her. She's the poster girl for all woman who have ever been hurt by a jerk! She went through the fire and made it to the other side! Mary Louise Parker, you're my hero! (Well, today, anyway!)

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Jewel said...

llloovvveedd you latest blog...Mary Louise Parker definitely gave me hope...good for her! Keep em coming!