Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ADD Basement Jaxx' "Good Luck" to your "He's Gone...You're Back! Playlist"

For those of you who have my book, you know I've listed a "He's Gone...You're Back!"Playlist in Chapter 6 which are just some songs that I thought would be great to listen to if you were going through a breakup. On my list there are everything from the urban classics ( Erykah Badu "Bag Lady") to the rock classics (Patti Smyth "Goodbye to You") and the 80's classics (France Jolie "Get Over You"). But since music is an organic, ever changing, always growing medium I've decided to add some songs to that list. So I'll be keeping an ear out for hot- ass, female empowering , funky, strong songs that will be sure to inspire. There are so many great ones out there in every genre! Most recently my homegirl Lydia, the ultimate music lover and a serious songbird in her own right, put me on to this song "Good Luck" by Basement Jaxx with amazing vocals by Lisa Kekaula and I must say: It's one of the best "He's Gone..You're back!" songs ever. Even the video is a perfect medium to express what so many women already know: Most times the guy you're pining over is a loser anyway! Ha!

Check out the video and lyrics below!!!


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