Saturday, September 18, 2010

For those of you who have forgotten...I'm also a PHOTOGRAPHER!!

I love taking pictures of life's all-too-fleeting moments and have been doing so for over fifteen years. During that time I have photographed film festivals, museum events, school fundraisers, award ceremonies, entertainment industry events and so much more. I've met everyone from the late Great Gordon Parks to the one and only Oprah Winfrey thanks to my handy camera. But nothing is more fulfilling that participating in and photographing special moments for special people that I know and love personally, people that have been there for me and I for them,in good times and bad. Such was the case with the Helen and Phil Collen wedding this past July in West Palm Beach--at the Ritz Carlton! Helen and I have been friends since HS, and were even on the cheer leading team together!!! So of course I was going to be at her wedding and no doubt I was just clicking away all weekend, shooting as a friend, a guest and a fellow photographer along with Phil's favorite photog, the great Ash Newell. It was an authentic experience being there form y friend capturing her cherished moments (some very private and intimate like the Bride getting ready--vavavavooom! That Phil's a luck guy.) So this layout on the beautiful was just, well, the icing on the cake that was a very special weekend for all of us lucky and blessed enough to be in attendance.!

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awesome pictures, Thank you for sharing!