Friday, February 12, 2010

Should Sherri Shepherd Shutup About Her Ex?

So...Sherri Shephard's ex husband Jeff Tarpley (that's them in the photo in better days), who has been the butt of many of her jokes and who is played by Malcom Jamal Warner in her semi-successful sitcom on Lifetime, is speaking to Inside Edition. In an exclusive interview he says he's tired of her bashing him in her act and well, he's not going to take it anymore. He feels the ridicule is unfair and that it is hurting his family life.

The thing he doesn't seem to get is that if he didn't give her anything to talk about Sherri wouldn't have anything to say. I mean, he's the one who cheated on her (in real life and in the show). What women doesn't have a few snide remarks about a cheating spouse? She is, despite his shenanigans, a talk show host, a comedienne and and actress. Creative people always draw from real life ---present company included. The only reason my ex is not coming after me for mentioning him in my book is because I never gave his name so no one knows who he is! Still, it was my story to tell and I told it.

In this case, although Sherri should have the right to talk about HER experiences any way she wants, she should stop now. Not to spare his feelings. Not to pacify him. But because he is such an unattractive, unconvincing (and obviously , unfaithful) man that any association with him makes her look bad. She's on The View. She's lost 40 pounds. She has her own sitcom. If living well is the best revenge then she's got hers ten times over. She'll be the first one to tell you that she's looking for a new love, baby. I think she'll have a better chance at finding Mr. NOW when she stops bringing up Mr. THEN. She needs to leave her ex where he belongs, in the past, eating her dust!


Anonymous said...

I love Sherri she is so funny to me. But she does harp on the issue of infidelity alot on the show. Some people have a really hard time forgiving and forgetting.

Anonymous said...

5 years later? Move on girl, it make you seem like you have no life to keep bring up the past over and over and over. And it can't be good for your son when he grows up to see his mom constantly bashing his dad on tv.
Put your boys needs first. Get some new material and find yourself a new man , then you can let it go.