Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Essence.com Shows Some Love!

Last week was a busy and eventful one for me. On Monday Essence.com showed me some real love and featured me on their website in a great article about my book. I'm doling out my relationship recovery tips and have gotten some great feedback from the Essence.com readers. It's really nice becase I believe (as al of you who have read the book already know) that this is an invaluable book that can really help you if you are exeriencing the breakup blues. And having Essence.com introduce the book to it's many readers will surely help this invaluable book find the readers it was written for.

Check out the article here!


On Thurday I attended the African American Literary Award Show where I was nominated for Best Self-Help Book of 2009. The award ultimately went to Steve Harvey (who was a no-show) but it is true what they say: It was an honor to be nominated, especially for my very first book. Even though Steve didn't show I did get to meet the bestselling author Zane along with Donna Grant and Virginia DeBerry the writing duo who have written at least five best selling books including my favorite "Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made".

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