Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Love Gets Ugly

A wonderful journalist named Angela Bronner-Helm recently explored the dynamics of anger when it comes to bad breakups in an article on And although I'm not one to condone "busting windows out" an ex's car or burning his clothes (It's just not my style. After all, "Vengance is mine sayeth the Lord" so I never have to lift a finger knowing that if someone hurts me he (or she) is really just hurting themselves) I was quoted in the article, since regardless of my personal stance, these things happen everyday. Check out the article and let me know your opinion.


Lydia said...

As a singer an a songwriter, I understand the need to express myself through my creativity, like the songs that were mentioned in the article. However, what about the sisters that don't have that creative outlet. What will they do?

Often times the rage makes even the most docile person act out their feelings of despair, which can turn ugly quick.
I believe that there are ways to get out your fustration rather than damaging your mate's posessions.

Keep working on yourself. Maybe take up boxing or go for a run or a really brisk walk. Your mind tends to work better with motivation of self instead of revenge on others.
I am a black woman with high blood pressure and just the thought of stooping to the level of hurting myself over a man is just not gonna cut it for me. Many of us have ailments because of our stress levels. Shoot, just think about, hmm I don't know... being put in jail over our impulsive reactions. That will stop you in your tracks or at least stop me. Sorry I don't want to be in Cell Block H!!! I matter more that HIS actions. Also, prayer can work wonders when you need your higher power to help you, you need to ask!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips =) i feel the same way! yoga~~

Anonymous said...

Lydis is so right on point.

Anonymous said...

Who has time for all that drama. Live and let die already.

Anonymous said...

Yes but sometimes it's really hard to take the highroad. I can relate to the anger!!!