Monday, September 15, 2008

Pisces Moon

For the past few days the moon has been full and powerful and beautiful. It was brought to my attention that the moon was in Pisces and since I'm a Pisces I found this intriguing. I know a bit about astrology but not much. I do of course know about my own sign and know that Pisces are creative, wise, sensual, and mercurial ( which some people interpret as flaky but whatever.) Anyway I felt the need to do something to honor and acknowledge this beautiful moon so I decided to participate in a Full Moon ceremony. I always get emails from this woman who does prayers and New and Full Moon ceremonies over the phone, like a teleconference, but I never participated in one until last night. I have done moon rituals when I was doing my Sacred Woman training with Queen Afua and learned about the wonderful feminine energy of the moon and how we can use it to heal us and guide us. These were "Sacred Circles" done with a group of women in the same space and they were powerful. But the one last night was via the phone so I wasn't expecting much. Still I called in anyway and was glad I did. I found the facilitator's voice to be very soothing and relaxing and when other women called in and announced where they were calling from-- Colorado, Mexico, California, Maine-- it was a good feeling knowing that although I was in Brooklyn there were other woman all over the country and the world that were participating in their own empowerment. The circles are sacred and confidential so I can't really discuss what went on but there was prayer, there was a water ritual, there were tears (at least on my part) because it was so beautiful and it reminded me of how beautiful I am and all women are by their very nature. Also, it is said that the New Moon is about attracting things into your life and The Full Moon is about letting go. And I'm always trying to let go. (Who isn't?)
I will surely participate again and recommend it to anyone who just needs a group to share with or to pray with or to simply experience the beauty of the moon with. If you want to sign up for a future ceremony,just visit I highly recommend it for any woman who is feeling disconnected from herself and her source - the universe- and especially any woman who needs to release negative or toxic thoughts, habits and people from their lives.

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