Thursday, August 7, 2008

I like being alone! I know! Who Knew!

I wish I could tell you that I haven't blogged in a minute because I've been so busy dating that I just haven't had the time. But that wouldn't be the truth. The truth is, I have been on deadline for a screenplay submission (I finished it finally! Yeah!) and I'm taking an independent study photography course of which I have to have all my materials submitted, like soon. So so sorry for neglecting you dear blog and blog readers. But I have some serious work to do and sometimes I get overwhelmed.

Now don't get me wrong. I have been on a few dates as a result of my online dating membership ( four to be exact). But so far there has been no all consuming love connection. I did enjoy a great sushi dinner, get some great stock tips, and visit the legendary wine cellar at the 21 Club in Manhattan. And it's been fun. It's always nice to meet new people but for the most part the encounters have been boring and strange. Sorry to disappoint you. Wish I had something more fascinating to report but I don't-at least not yet.

I have made one discovery, though. I like being alone! I know! Who knew? I've been so busy mourning my last relationship and looking for a new love, baby, that it never occurred to me that spending time alone is quite refreshing.

I discovered this by chance actually. I had to visit the Whitney Museum to check out a Robert Mapplethorpe photography exhibit (very interesting and inspiring, by the way). Initially I invited my home girl Lydia to go with me but she had to go to a listening party. Then I thought about inviting a male friend or one of my "dates" from the online dating spot. But instead I went alone. And I gotta tell you, walking around the large museum alone (well there were other visitors of course but you know what I mean) was amazing. I went from floor to floor at my own leisure. Stopped to take notes when I needed to and just stopped and stare din awe when the spirit moved me. I wasn't concerned about another person--if they liked the art work or not, if they wanted to go to another floor, if they were waiting for me or I for them. Instead I stayed in my own head (which is a very complex an interesting place to be), enjoyed the wonderful air conditioning (it was 89 degrees in the city that day), and looked at art for hours. I had such a wonderful experience --alone--that it was quite refreshing. In fact, I highly recommend it. I mean this is New York City. Pick a play or a show or an exhibit or something you like and or interested in and just go it alone. You'll feel so sophisticated and grown up. I know I did.

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