Friday, May 23, 2008

Wedding Bells!!!

Yes my friends Wedding Bells are ringing. No they are not mine (yet!) but they are beautiful just the same. Tomorrow morning my little brother, Dr. Akiyomi Fields, is getting married. He is finally hooking up with his beautiful girlfriend Simone. My family is in an excited frenzy; this is the first big wedding we've had in years. The last one was when my older sister Keina married her husband Anthony in Brooklyn ---sixteen years ago! And yes they are still together. So everyone is running around buying gifts, getting groomed, doing last minute errands, getting ready for the big wedding and so am I. Thankfully, I have avoided getting stressed out about the whole thing. I want to enjoy this so I refuse to get caught up in any confusion and frenzy.

I admit as the day approached I did panic--what will I wear? Will I find a dress that I like and that I can afford? But I took a deep breath and opened my closet. Sitting in a box were a pair of shoes I bought on sale two years ago--and have never worn. But they were on sale--like 60% off-- and I couldn't leave them in the store even though I didn't know when or if I would ever wear them. Now I know! I also found a great dress a few weeks ago but had to have it altered. The woman did such a great job I am in awe. I really like it because although it's for this wedding, the style and color is such that I can wear it again to another party, at a different celebration, and I have a good feeling that there are gonna be alot of fun celebrations in my future. As for now, I can't wait to step into my dress and celebrate. Skye also has a great floor length gown and we are both going to look fabulous. In fact, my whole family is going to be divine--we are a good lookin' bunch if I must say so myself. My camera is ready and I'm going to take a bunch of pictures. Don't worry, I'll be sure to post some for you all so you can check us out.

I'm not the official photographer for this, though. At first my brother asked me if I wanted to do it but I though about it and told him no, advised him to hire someone else because although I love working weddings and always do a great job, photographing weddings can be stressful and it's WORK. I wanna party! I wanna drink champagne! I wanna catch up with my uncles and cousins who I haven't seen in years, who are traveling from all over the country. And I wanna be IN the pictures!! So on that note, I'm off to get my hair done.

But not before I give a shout out of congratulations to another couple who I have loved for years-- ANGIE and JESSIE!! Yes I am aware that they are not a real couple, that they only exist on daytime television, but I don't care.

I watched All My Children all through my teenage years and as we all know Angie and Jessie were the hot, exciting, Black love story that ended in tragedy. So when it was recently discovered that Jessie wasn't dead (soap operas kill me with the way they kill characters and bring them back from the dead!) and he and Angie finally reconciled I made a point of trying to catch the show. This is not so easy these days as I am no longer a frivolous teenager with time to waste but a grown woman with bills and responsibilities and projects and deadlines. Still, when I get the chance I do pop on the show. I did this the other day while answering emails and there they were--walking down the aisle. It was really beautiful. Ne-yo was singing and Angie was glowing! Damn, Black really doesn't crack because she looks good. And Jessie didn't look so bad himself but I think I know one of his secrets--he does Bikram Yoga like me! I saw him in class this weekend and was staring, trying to figure out where I knew him from and when I finally did I just smiled. No I didn't run up to him or say anything to him--I wanted to focus on my breathing and stretching just like I'm so sure he did. So I left the brother alone and got back to the matter at hand but it was funny to see him off the screen, in real life. It was eve better seeing him a few days later, walking down the aisle, looking well-groomed, happy and all in love with Angie (even if he was only acting).

So Black love is in the air. Wedding bells are ringing. God is good. Love is real!!! I can't wait till it's my turn. I can't wait to finally walk down the aisle with the man I love. But actually, I can wait. I'm in no rush. Because I know it's not a joke and I know it will come in time. And I also know I refuse to settle or compromise--why should I?!! I've waited this long, been through ups and downs, endured heartbreak after heart break only to come out of it stronger, better, wiser, more beautiful. Why would I ever settle? Don't worry about it because I never will. So when you find out I'm getting married, know that the man is something special and that I AM IN LOOOOOVE!!!

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