Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 89th Birthday Grandma Marie

Anybody who has ever met my grandmother Marie knows she is one of a kind. A South Carolina raised, Brooklyn born original diva! Yes! She is is sassy, strong , stylish and always--I mean always --says exactly what's on her mind. My dear Grandma Marie turned 89 yesterday!!! 89!!! I'm in awe. Where does she get the energy? The optimism? I'm only thirtysomething and I sure get tired sometimes. But, because of my grandmother I remain inspired. She raised a bunch of kids, buried a husband ( and, unfortunately, a few babies and grand babies along the way) but she still keeps on trucking. And she makes the best Thanksgiving Dinner you'll ever experience (if you're lucky). But most of all she gives the best advice, especially when it comes to men. Never one to tolerate trifling behavior she has always emphasized so that I never forget: Chile, there's always more fish in the sea!!!

So on that note, I've begun to put myself out there, meet different people, and accept phone numbers from guys (I'm not giving out my phone number anymore--I really like being in control right about now). I even have a date next week with a guy my cousin hooked me up with and I'm kinda looking forward to it. I mean even if it's not a "love connection" I'm looking forward to being picked up at my door (yeah!! he has a car!! I can wear some slamming heels!!)) and dropped home like a lady, dammit.

I admit for a while there I wasn't feeling the whole meet guys /dating/ flirting/moving on thing. I even went dancing with my girls Lydia, Hattie, Celeste and Monica a few weeks ago and was oblivious to all the boys coming for the girl. Monica had to ask me later why I didn't get any numbers, despite that fact that there were a coupla cuties circling me. I didn't even know what to say. It's just that I went out to dance--and dance I did--not to pick up guys. But when you are a single girl in NY, you can't keep your head (or heart) buried forever. I mean I'm (relatively :)) young and admittedly attractive. Who knows what the future holds? If I'm lucky and blessed enough to live as long as my Gradma Marie, that means I have a lifetime of living and loving to do. I guess I better get to it!

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