Monday, February 18, 2008


So Valentine's Day has come and gone and I made it. I didn't fall apart, I didn't call my ex (even though I though about it). I got dressed and went out to my friend's party. Craig Roseberry (aka DJ Shifty) released a music compilation called Moods:You, The Night and The Music. It was perfect timing and I'm so glad I went although I did, for a brief moment, consider the alternative: Sitting home, being sad and feeling sorry for myself. But, thankfully, I stuck with my first impulse which was to go out and dance. And boy did I dance! I danced 'til my feet hurt, drank cosmos and martini's, flirted with the cute Koren bartender, and laughed with my friends.

It felt so good to be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally. But of course the inevitable had to happen: I had to come home, I had to come down from my vodka-induced high, and I had to face the fact the person I had grown to love and cherish was no longer a part of my life.

But, thankfully, I really have not had the time to dwell on it. I've been so busy (did I mention I am in school and have a daughter who needs to be fed and talked to and tutored and helped with high school applications and and that I'm taking yoga classes and putting the finishing touches on my book?)

On Friday I went to my work-study at the yoga center and then attended a parent-teacher meeting at my daughter's school. On Saturday I went to my nephew's birthday party (he's 3 already) and I'm glad I did because little kids are FUNNY!!!

Sunday was church and yoga and Lifetime movies.

Today, though, this Monday, this holiday, this slow day I woke up scared. Would I fall apart? Would I break down and call him? Would I cry all throughout this gray cloudy day? I decided I couldn't and I wouldn't. Instead I decided to clean up my house (which I didn't get a chance to do all weekend) while blasting my music. Ever mindful of my sensitive state, I artfully avoided all sad, sentimental, sappy songs. Instead I chose songs that were upbeat, funky, empowering and a little angst ridden.

I cleaned and danced and it felt so good. I laughed at some of the lyrics and smiled at the fact that everybody, at some point, goes through this. It hurts. It hard. But it's gonna be all right. All I need is the right mindset and the right music! As Gloria Gaynor sings in the classic, timeless, breakup dance song: "I Will Survive"

Here are a few more of my favorites:
  • Alanis Morisette "You Ought to Know" (The angry woman's anthem)
  • Patti Smythe "Goodbye to You" (Old school hard rock)
  • Fran Jolie "Gonna Get Over You" (The Disco diva's declaration)
  • Destiny's Child "Survivor" (Seroiusly Strengthening)
What about you? What are some of your Relationship Release songs? Please share them with me. I have a feeling I'm gonna need 'em!


Corliss said...

Well, I've gotten through the big "V" day as well. Now, unlike you, I did phone him on V day. I am adult and I am not crying over him and wanted to wish him a good day. After work, I spent ithe evening at home with my son and his girlfriend. She cooked lasagna and I made the collard greens. Some friends phoned so, after doing my greens, I stepped out for an hour or so and had a few drinks with friends and then came home to eat dinner.

Now girl, if you're talking about good breakup songs - the new ones are by Chrisette Michelle - "Be Okay" and "Best of Me".

Anonymous said...

It's not empowering but if you sing along with it, Kelis' "I Hate You So Much Right Now," sure helps release the stress!!