Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's been a busy week so far but last night I did manage to catch Eva Longoria on Piers Morgan (even though I missed her on Letterman--I told you I've been busy).

In addition to looking absolutely adorable (as usual) she was very candid about her breakup with her ex-husband Toni Parker.  And although it was by no means the main focus of the interview--Eva talked about immigration and the Mexican-American community, her foundation for children with Down Syndrome, her new cookbook, her love for her family, and her addiction to Twitter-- she did speak on briefly on the subject:

  • She refuses to talk bad about her ex out of respect and yes! - love - for him.
  • She is in love with love and blames it on being a Pisces. (I'm a Pisces too and can totally relate. Wanna find a sucker for love? Find a Pisces woman. But that's a whole other blog).
  • She is currently dating Penelope Cruz' brother ---who is ten years her junior--- and is not apologizing for it!!!
What spoke to me the most  is what she said about her painfully public breakup.  In addition to admitting it was very hard and very challenging,  she talked about the role her spirituality played in her recovery and revealed that her peace of mind comes from knowing "It was not about me."

 I wanted her to scream this from the rooftops!!! So many women think breakups, divorces and bad relationships are about them and then there is this heaviness, this self-loathing.   It's so sad because....SOMETIMES IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!!   Sometimes the guy is not ready or not the one or stupid or damaged or WHATEVER.

So what, you say?  So... it is important, even critical that women understand or "get" this so we can stop beating ourselves up,  stop blaming ourselves and start to long and very hard process of  getting up and moving on!

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