Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Am I a Bad Friend?

Awww....I feel a little bad. My good girlfriend called me last week and invited me to go to an after work singles mixer with her and I said no. I know. I know. I'm a bad friend. I actually really did consider going and knew we would have a good time I just...wasn't in the mood. Yes I am still single and am definitely open to meeting new guys, but it's kinda like not a priority for me right now. Don't get me wrong. If Mr. Right knocked on my door I wouldn't turn him away!! And I am also quite aware that I probably won't meet Mr. Right sitting in my house waiting for him to knock on the door. But that's just it. I'm not sitting around waiting;I'm just living my life. I'm actually happy and content even though I am currently single. It does happen. It is possible. Go figure!!! My good girlfriend...not so much. Her single status is a real source of pain and disappointment for her and I can totally relate. I have been there. I'm just thankfully not there right now. Which is probably why I didn't go to the singles mixer. I preferred to stay home and finally clean off my desk so I could get some writing done. Plus I'd been meaning to wash and dry my pillows and this was the weekend!!!

I really do believe in being proactive when it comes to meeting men--getting yourself out there, going to events where guys will be (Basketball games, golf tournaments, parties and of course singles mixers). But I also believe that sometimes some things are more important and if you are not doing what you need to be doing for yourself and taking care of your business, whatever that business may be, you're probably not going to meet anybody worthwhile anyway. So you're probably better off cleaning off your desk or washing your pillows.

Anyway my good girlfriend decided not to go to the event either and I was kinda disappointed in her. I mean you have to live life from where you are. And she is obviously at the place where she would really like to meet a nice man. In my opinion, she should have went to the mixer and I told her so. She probably would have had more luck if she went without me anyway, I mean we are grown women!!! We are not teenagers who need to do everything together, especially not looking for men. Duh!

Still, I apologized for not going with her and told her to let me know when there is another single's mixer. I even told her I might go with her the next time...but I didn't make any promises.


Anonymous said...

Well I don't think you are a bad friend at all. I believe that you were being true to yourself. I can relate to why she didn't want to go alone though. I will say that it can become a bit difficult to be on the hunt, if you are by yourself. Don't animals hunt better in packs? lol! Yea, I know that we are not animals but sometimes just having someone around to have your back, to make you laugh or just for moral support. That is always good for a social situation for us girls, I think. I don't think that you are a bad friend but I think that you are not in the same place, emotionally. Maybe she just wanted you there with her since she is down about her single status. Just support her and hopefully things will work out for her. And kudos to you for being in a strong place, not everyone can do that. Maybe she should read you book for tools to help her through. It has helped me but I am still not where you are but I hope to be soon.

Tasha said...

I read the book by Patti of Millioinaire Matchmaker and she says NEVER go looking for a guy with your girlfriends. So you Are a good friend you did her a favor by not going with her!!! And when/ if you do decide to go to a singles mixer you should go ALONE!!!