Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's to Helen!!!

I know, I know, I've been away for a while. Sorry! It's Summer! But it's all good because I'm back now and first off want to thank my girl Helen Collen for inviting me to her wonderful wedding this past weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in West Palm Beach. Yeah child! It was all that--a great reason to get out of the hot city. I even took my daughter so she could experience the hotel but mostly the love. Yes. The love. If you don't know who Helen is I'll tell you: A creative woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and would give you the shirt off her back. A true friend. And now, a wonderful wife to Def Leppard rocker Phil Collen. Which is why it upsets me so to read all the messed up comments people are making on the Internet about her wedding. There are allot of HATERS out there. But that's fine they don't know Helen like I do and while she is currently booed up with her new, handsome, successful, devoted, smitten husband, people with no lives are trolling websites with nothing good to say. But I'll say this to all my friends and all my readers: Helen is a inspiration. We women need to celebrate her and use her as a source of inspiration. We all know I've devoted the last year to speaking to women about breakups and how to face life after a heartbreak. Well there is no better way to stay optimistic than finding examples of other women who have found Mr. Right after a string of Mr. Wrong's and if Helen's story doesn't help you with that I don't know what will!!!
She met and married her man post-40!
She wasn't afraid to step out of the limitations of skin color and accept love in the form in which is was presented to her!!!
She still remained a loyal, devoted and available friend!!!
She loves her momma!
She's got a body from hell!!!
She's a God-fearing woman who was raised int he church!!!
She has a great sense of humor!!!

I could go on and on but I won't. I'll just post some pics of the wedding and on behalf of Helen quote lyrics from one of my favorite Jill Scott song:
"Hate on me haters, now or later, cause I'm going to do me. Don't be mad, baby!!!"



Dawn said...

I wish I could have erased all the negativity. It hurts me/us too to read such trash. I can imagine how Helen feels. We know she is strong but she still has feelings.
It's amazing the great lengths people go and even more amazing is that the junk was posted by people who don't even know her and have never met her.
To the haters: You may attempt to divide; but you will NEVER conquer. You will only make us even more stronger. Get a life and try using that unnecessary negative energy doing something more fruitful and beneficial to society. Read a book to children at a homeless shelter. Donate time at a soup kitchen. Deliver a care package to a family in need.
Peace & Grace

Donna S said...

i wish the best to both Helen and Phil, i'm a long tome Def Leppard fan and hope each band member is happy in their lives. all the haters need to take that in to consideration.

Zenzele said...

I am so happy for Helen and her new hubby! Though I haven't seen her in a long time, she's as radiant as I remember. I refused to read any of the comments, so I have no idea what was said, nor do I care. If you focus on the negative, you give it power, and I have no intention on doing that. I wish both of them nothing but the best.

Anonymous said...


There are some people who cannot stand for their idols to be with anyone. They think that they themselves actually stand a chance to be married to their favorite performers. Occasionally, it happens, but it is extremely rare. As fans, we should be overjoyed that those we admire so much have found love and happiness. That kind of love is very special and not everyone is lucky enough to find it. I am thrilled for Phil and Helen and wish them nothing but happiness and joy in their marriage. Many Def Leppard fans do live in the "real world" and wish our boys the very best, professionally and personally. So, I say "CHEERS" to Helen and Phil! Celebrate! God Bless!

Nancy-Lee Thomas in NC