Thursday, January 14, 2010


Happy New Year Ladies!!! If you're wondering where I've been I'll tell you. I've been getting ready to shine this year by cleaning house, literally and figuratively. How else am I going to let in all the love and light that's coming my way if I don't? I have a feeling if we stay positive, stay in prayer, throw out the trash (you know WHO and what it is for you), and PUSH (because we are all PRECIOUS) this is going to be a fantastic 2010. Are you ready? Here's a poem someone sent me online that motivated me. Hope it motivates you, too.

Last Week I threw out worrying, it was getting old and in the way.
It kept me from being me; I couldn't do things God's way.

I threw out a book on MY PAST
(Didn't have time to read it anyway).
Replaced it with NEW GOALS, started reading it today.

I threw out hate and bad memories,
(Remember how I treasured them so)?
Got me a NEW PHILOSOPHY too, threw out the one from long ago.

Brought in some new books too, called I CAN, I WILL, and I MUST.
Threw out I might, I think and I ought.
WOW, you should've seen the dust.

I ran across an OLD FRIEND, I hadn't talked to in a while.
His name is GOD the Father, and I really like His style.

He helped me to do some cleaning and added some thingsHimself.
Yes... I placed them right on the shelf.

I picked up this special thing and placed it at the front door..
I FOUND IT- it's called PEACE. Nothing gets me down anymore.

Yes, I've got my house looking nice.
Looks good around the place.
For things like Worry and Trouble there just isn't any space.

It's good to do a little house cleaning,
Get rid of the things on the shelf.
It sure makes things brighter; maybe you should TRY IT YOURSELF.

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Elena D. Coley said...

Love it! I need this for the new year. I need to declutter my life emotionally so I can be open to recieve the true blessing I have been blocking by being involved with the wrong people.