Monday, July 27, 2009

Pamela's Prayer

I was on the train a few days ago and ran into a woman named Pamela. She is a friend but also a colleague as we worked together years ago in a pre-school in Brooklyn. Between dealing with balloons, buggas, and boo-boo's, we bonded and although she is significantly older than I am we became good friends who shared support, advice and inspiration. Pamela is also a mother and a wonderful artist who makes personalized, hand-crafted African dolls and her creative spirit is a big part of who she is and why I was drawn to her. But when I saw her we were both in a rush (it's a New York thing, ugh!!) so we didn't get to really catch up. But we did wish each other well and, as is her nature, she left me with something special, something sacred, something strengthening, something I couldn't wait to share with you all. It's a poem/ prayer/proclamation she said she wrote for a friend but instead she gave it to me. She'd heard about my book and is familiar with my past relationship challenges and wanted to make sure she left me with something special, inspiring, and insightful and indeed she did.

I know that I have believed a lie in thinking that I was ever rejected by anyone. I know that I am greatly desired by the type of man who would fill all my ideals. I know that he will never find true and lasting happiness until he finds it in me. He needs me just as truly as I need him. The infinite knower knows where each of us is today. He is even now moving us across the chessboard of life so that we shall meet, and we shall recognize one another. I let go of all my tenseness relinquishing the entire responsibility for our meeting to the infinite knower. I know that we shall know each other when we meet, that I am not in competition with anyone else for this man, and he is not in competition with anyone else for me. He needs me, wants me, loves me, and all these emotions are returned by me. I release this whole situation to the infinite knower, giving thanks for its completion now, even before I see its manifestation.-

I don't know about you, but reading Pamela's Prayer just gave me a sense of peace. There are so many tv shows and movies and books out about relationships (I know this because I wrote one!!) that sometimes it can get overwhelming. And if you are not in a relationship there is this underlying panic tension stress about being single and it's,'s crazy. Let's not be crazy. Let's live and love ourselves so we can love others. Let's have faith that the right man, the deserving man, the man GOD created just for us is out there , doing the same thing and that if we follow our truth and walk the path we are supposed to walk the way we are supposed to walk it, we will bump right into him, unexpectedly, just like I bumped into Pamela.


Anonymous said...

Wow that made me feel better.No more stress!l

Anonymous said...

I needed to read that! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I needed to read that! Thanks!