Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Summer of Self-Love

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend!  Hope it was filled with family, food, friends,and  fun! But now it's all over and summer has officially begun. That means hot summer nights, days at the beach, blockbuster movies, maybe a vacation, and of course the inevitable---shiny glowing lovey dovey couples holding hands everywhere. 

But wait... Don't hate! Just because you don't have a boyfriend or a mate (yet), just because things have ended with that "special" someone, just because the guy you are seeing is not ready for a "commitment", so what! Summer is here and with it brings ample opportunities to enjoy yourself, care for yourself, love yourself. You're alone anyway so you might as well! 

You might as well enjoy all the fresh fruits and vegetables you want--they're in season! You might as well take long leisurely walks through parks, over bridges, besides oceans, along lakes--the weather's great! You might as well visit friends and family and have heartfelt, fulfilling conversations--they're expecting you! You might not believe me but it's true---the best time to be single is summertime.  There are so many fun, healthy, positive things to do! There is  no snow on the ground---no need to stay home and mope around. Christmastime without a guy  is not looming---flowers, everywhere are blooming. So I don't know about you, but here's what I'm going to do:

I'm going to revel in  the Summer of 2009 by proclaiming it the Summer of Self Love!!! After all, this time next year I may be in a  happy relationship with my Mr. Right. But this time, this year, I am not. So I am going to make the most of it by embracing this "me" time and loving---you guessed it --me!

 I sincerely encourage you all to do the same. If you decide to join me, I would love some feedback on ways you are enjoying your Summer of Self Love! So don't be shy. Please  check in here and share tips, suggestions and ideas with me (and my readers) and I will do the same!

Here's to us---and the Summer of Self- Love!!!


Kidada said...

Yes Girl.....I am so feelin that. Just the thought of making this a summer of sef-love has me all excited. Dont't forget about juicing. I was just online checking some out (If anyone has any recommended brands, let a sistah know). Juicing is a wonderful way to give yourself some good internal lovin. Everytime I drink a fresh glass of veggie juice I feel great. Not to mention my skin glows! Glows with the beautiful sun. So yeah, I'm excited. Love you, rika. Kidada

Anonymous said...

I just bought a juicer on sale at Target.

Raine3 said...

I hate green juice but I will do some serios salads with fresh tomatoes and basil. Yeah. Summertime!

Anonymous said...

What about friut juice? Citrus is supposed to cleanse the system of toxins and cut fat!!